Rules & Agreements

Please read the following rules carefully before signing in.

Terms and conditions/We strongly recommend to read the terms and conditions of the convention before registration on the website and becoming the company's investor. The rules, General terms and conditions of cooperation of the company Ofundtrade (the "Company") and the investor (hereinafter - the Investor) are prescribed in this section. This document alludes to the fact that both parties accept all regulations, which are spelled out in the document and agree to abide by them. The document comes into force once the registration on the website of the Company is completed by the Investor.

1. GENERAL PROVISIONS 1.1. In order to register on the website of the Company and to become the Investor, the person must be at least 18 years old at the moment of the registration. 1.2. The user automatically receives the status of the Investor immediately after registration on the website and accepting all the terms of the agreement. 1.3. If the user disagrees with any of the provisions of this agreement or if they have any doubts on certain items - the registration should be terminated. 1.4. All financial transactions carried out through the Company's website, are confidential and are not disclosed to third parties. The Investor has an opportunity to carry out financial transactions and to use other services of the Company only after registration on the website.

2. THE RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF THE COMPANY 2.1. The Company undertakes to use funds from investors for its intended purpose and to conduct real activity on the Forex market. 2.2. The company guarantees the safety of the Investor's funds and undertakes to perform deposit and withdrawal of profit timely. 2.3. The company is not responsible for any technical malfunctions of electronic payment systems. Financial transactions that are associated with deposit and withdrawal of funds to the account of electronic payment systems are irreversible and final. 2.4. The company shall be liable for incorrectly executed transactions with monetary funds and for incorrectly issued financial account. 2.5. The company is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of personal information that has been provided by the Investor.

3. THE RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF THE INVESTOR 3.1. The investor, while filling in the registration form, is personally responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. 3.2. The Investor is obliged to review each transaction on their financial account. In case of detecting any inaccuracies or discrepancies, the Investor can seek help from support services. 3.3. All services provided by the Company, shall be used by the Investor only in order to conduct investment activities. 3.4. The investor consents to the processing of personal information in accordance with the provisions stated in the legislation.

4. RISK DISCLOSURE 4.1. The company minimizes the risks that may arise during the conduct of activities in the currency market.

5. COPYRIGHT NOTICE 5.1. website, all the information and services hosted are the private property of the Company and are protected by copyright law. 5.2. In the case of copyright infringement (harming website, copy materials, and so on.) the Investor will be prosecuted; his account will be blocked, along with funds that were on his personal account.

7. INTRODUCTION OF AMENDMENTS AND ADDITIONS 7.1. Applicable rules and the terms of the agreement can be reviewed by the project administration. 7.2. The administration has the right to make changes and additions at any time. Additions and changes are published in this section and shall take effect immediately after their announcement. 7.3. In order to be aware of possible changes, we encourage you to periodically review this section.

8. TERMINATION OF THE COOPERATION 8.1. Termination of the cooperation between the Company and the Investor may be initiated by either side. 8.2. The Company has the right to unilaterally terminate the cooperation with the Investor in case of violation of terms and conditions of the agreement. Your capital will be refunded. 8.3. The Investor can terminate the agreement if they decide to cease their investment activities in the Company. Your capital will be refunded